Audient Group is a consultancy that specializes in program integrity, antifraud, and cybersecurity solutions. That means helping ensure you earn the trust of the people you serve everyday. We offer a unique and unmatched combination of fraud and cybersecurity experience that spans the risk management, technology, investigations, governance, and policy domains, positioning Audient Group to advise our clients in a way no one else can.

We pride ourselves on being insightful, transparent, and candid. We would love to hear about your problem and team with you to solve it.

Future-proof your fraud risk management

In an increasingly digital landscape, the front lines of fraud risk now extend into the cyber realm. No two projects are identical, which is why we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to safeguard your organization against both traditional and cyber fraud. Our approach is meticulously tailored to your unique environment and continuously updated to combat emerging threats. We not only aim to resolve current vulnerabilities but also to future-proof your fraud risk management strategy. Our objective is to empower your team with the skills, tools, and cutting-edge techniques to independently manage both fraud and cyber risks, fortifying your organization’s resilience for the long haul.

Antifraud Strategy

We work with you to develop a tailored road map for building or enhancing the capabilities necessary to effectively mitigate fraud within your organization. We focus on ensuring you have the staffing, structure, technology, and processes in place to effectively prevent fraud or to detect it as early as possible.

Fraud Risk Assessment

We implement a proprietary, leading-practices aligned methodology to conduct a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of your organization’s fraud risks. We leave behind tools and templates so you can repeat the process on your own in the future.

Fraud Analytics & Monitoring

We work with a deep bench of technology and data partners to build bespoke, data-enabled tools that address your unique fraud threats. Whether you want dashboards to allow for the quick identification of fraud patterns or ongoing monitoring of your data environment for fraud risks, we right-size the solutions to fit your needs.

Fraud Training

We draw on our deep experience designing and delivering highly engaging and comprehensive fraud training tailored to different levels of an organization. Training topics include understanding the fraud threat environment, building an antifraud culture, conducting rigorous fraud risk assessments, and using data analytics to uncover fraud, among others.

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How we are different

When choosing a consultant, you need to decide who you trust to get you to the finish line first. At Audient Group, we believe trust is built through three things:

Credibility. We are one of the most authoritative sources in our space. Our founder has been instrumental in developing the guidance that governs both public and private sector in the prevention and detection of fraud.

Radical candor. We believe more gets done when people feel free to speak their minds, without fear. We encourage candid dialogue in all our interactions. We want your feedback and will commit to incorporating it regularly.

Teamwork. Teamwork is in our DNA. Audient Group was founded by an Olympian in the sport of rowing, the ultimate team sport. A consultant-client dynamic only works well if both entities see themselves as working together toward a common purpose.


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