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Beyond finger-pointing: Common sense reform needed to prevent another fraud crisis
CFPB’s proposed rule would cripple government fraud prevention efforts
insider threat
Will generative AI kill KYC authentication?
Linda Miller testifies at Oversight Subcommittee
Oversight Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee 
Linda Miller testifying before House Small Business Committee.
House Committee on Small Business
Private Sector Solutions to Recouping Stolen Pandemic Loan Funds
Federal News Network:
White House $1.6B COVID fraud plan gives federal watchdogs increased staffing
Fraud Magazine:
Stanch the flow
Anatomy of fraud in government programs


Linda Miller, Founder and CEO, in the News

Ethisphere Magazine:
The Road Ahead for Fraud Risk Management


Government Executive:
The Latest Improper Payment Numbers Are Here, But What Do They Mean?


Government Executive:
Agencies Must Address Billions Lost Through Erroneous Payments
Government Executive:
What I Learned Helping Lead Oversight of $5 Trillion in Pandemic Relief


The Hill:
It’s time for a dedicated federal anti-fraud office


Government Operations Subcommittee
House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform
Government Executive:
COVID-19 Stimulus Must Include Oversight to Block Fraud
Commercial Factor:
When Thinking about Fraud Consider the Risks 


Government Executive:
The Insidious Threat of Pay to Play



Government Executive:
Is Investing in Fraud Prevention a Smart Financial Decision?



Government Executive:
How FEMA Can Reduce Fraud in the Wake of Harvey and Irma



Government Executive:
Criminals Steal Billions From Government Every Year; Here’s How to Prevent It



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