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We offer a variety of cybersecurity offerings designed to help organizations pinpoint and address risk effectively. Our collaborative approach means working hand-in-hand with you to develop customized strategies, leveraging frameworks like Zero-Trust architecture, deep and dark web intelligence, and anti-fraud protocols to forge a resilient cybersecurity posture. From strategic consulting to actionable intelligence and readiness services against ransomware threats, we furnish your business with the tools and strategies needed to navigate a cyber landscape fraught with ever-evolving threats. Explore our offerings to find out how we can tailor our expertise to meet your unique needs.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We carry out a stringent and in-depth analysis of your company’s cybersecurity infrastructure.


  • We deliver thorough insights into your organization’s vulnerabilities and pinpoint areas for enhancement aligned with NIST guidelines.

  • We facilitate the efficient allocation of your company resources by homing in on the most critical and probable risks initially.

  • We aid in fine-tuning your enterprise cybersecurity budgets and investment strategies to correlate with business objectives and modernization endeavors.

Cybersecurity Strategy

We collaborate with you to devise a strategy that furnishes a blueprint for constructing or augmenting the abilities vital to progressively advance your cybersecurity initiative.


  • We offer customized and executable strategies to realize substantial risk diminution, aligning with your company’s risk endurance, vision, and objectives.

  • We assist your enterprise in synchronizing evolving compliance prerequisites, threats, and susceptibilities with corporate structures and strategic blueprints.

  • We harmonize the strategy with pertinent legal and regulatory frameworks, incorporating guidance provided by authorities such as NIST and other industry standards.

Zero-Trust Architecture

We offer definitive and actionable guides for the deployment of a zero-trust architecture.


  • We offer insightful counsel grounded on industry benchmarks including NIST and CISA guidelines.

  • We present personalized suggestions encompassing personnel, workflows, and technology, equipping your enterprise to seamlessly embrace zero-trust proficiencies in the long run.

  • We integrate existing corporate architecture and forthcoming IT advancement objectives into the blueprint to diminish deployment expenditures and boost assimilation.

Deep and Dark Web Intelligence, Ransomware Readiness, Negotiation and Response Services

Today’s threat actors operate in deep and dark web forums, buying and selling information and tools to commit fraud on a large and sophisticated scale. We partner with an industry-leading deep and dark web threat reconnaissance firm to provide:


  • Actionable, tailored, deep and dark web threat intelligence in real time to identify fraud threats to your organization
  • Expert ransomware readiness services
  • 24/7 ransomware negotiation capabilities
  • Ransomware incident response services

Anti-Fraud Cybersecurity Program Strategy

We harmonize your company’s anti-fraud approaches with your enterprise cybersecurity initiative to augment the potency of both functionalities.


  • We align leadership, goals, and purpose to strengthen the combined protections of each program.

  • We facilitate the refinement of your fraud, cybersecurity, and enterprise risk management (ERM) endeavors, boosting efficacy and avoiding redundant activities.

  • We supply handbooks, advisement, and collaborative sessions to expand proficiency and maintain operational momentum.

Strategic Consulting

We offer strategic advisement on a diverse array of cybersecurity risk management subjects, customized to your distinct hurdles. Examples include:


  • An intensive exploration into topics such as supply chain risk management.
  • Guidance on proficiently enacting recommendations from industry standards or regulatory bodies.

Why team with us

We wrote the book on fraud risk management, literally.

Audient Group’s founder served on the task force that developed the COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide, has testified before Congress on fraud and improper payments, and has helped draft antifraud legislation.  You won’t find a more authoritative source for antifraud solutions.

We listen first.

Audient is the Latin word  for “they will listen.” We listen first and seek to understand your organization and unique situation before offering solutions. We draw on decades of experience which position us to derive insights and craft right-sized, cost-effective solutions to any fraud concern.

We bake deep and dark web threat intelligence into our solutions.

Data is being sold, traded, and weaponized on a massive scale to gain access to accounts, create fictitious identities, and commit large-scale fraud. We provide actionable, tailored deep and dark web threat intelligence in real time to identify fraud threats to your organization. We use this intelligence in our fraud risk assessments, antifraud strategies and fraud trainings.

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Audient Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive fraud risk management solutions.  Learn more about how we can work together to prevent financial losses and reputational damage.

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