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We offer a unique and unmatched combination of fraud and improper payments experience that spans the risk management, technology, investigations, governance, and policy domains, positioning Audient Group to advise our clients in a way that no one else can.

Fraud Risk Assessment

We conduct a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of your agency’s fraud risks.


  • We leave behind tools and templates so you can repeat the process on your own in the future
  • We use threat intelligence pulled from deep and dark web sources to provide more actionable information on the fraud risk environment
  • We use our proprietary Government Accountability Office (GAO)-aligned fraud risk assessment methodology so you can rest assured it will withstand scrutiny

Data-Informed Antifraud Strategy

We work with you to develop a strategy that provide a road map for building or enhancing the capabilities necessary to effectively mitigate fraud.


  • We identify the data necessary to informs a comprehensive understanding of the fraud threat environment your agency faces
  • We align the strategy with laws and regulations from oversight agencies including GAO and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
  • We help streamline and your fraud, improper payments and enterprise risk management (ERM) efforts to enhance efficiency and eliminate duplicative efforts

Antifraud Training

We design and deliver highly engaging and comprehensive fraud training.


  • We draw on our deep experience conducting training for a wide variety of audiences
  • We tailor the training to different levels of an agency and for different fraud threats
  • Topics include understanding the fraud threat environment, building an antifraud culture, conducting rigorous fraud risk assessments, and using data analytics to uncover fraud

Fraud Analytics and Monitoring tools

We build tools to uncover patterns that indicate a high risk of fraud.


  • We combine your data with a comprehensive set of third-party data provided by our partners
  • We implement these tools either batched or real-time, in a secure cloud environment
  • We build dashboards using widely available business intelligence tools to allow for the quick identification of fraud patterns

Strategic Consulting (aka Choose Your Own Adventure)

We provide strategic guidance on fraud risk management tailored to your unique challenges. Examples include:

  • A deep dive in a specific topic, like post disaster fraud or procurement fraud
  • Guidance on how to establish an effective anti-fraud culture
  • Advice on how to effectively implement a GAO or OIG recommendation
  • Whatever your problem, Audient Group is here to help

Why team with us

We wrote the book on fraud risk management, literally.

Audient Group’s founder led the development of GAO’s Fraud Risk Management Framework, has testified before Congress on fraud and improper payments, and has helped draft antifraud legislation.  You won’t find a more authoritative source for antifraud solutions.

We listen first.

Audient is the Latin word  for “they will listen.” We listen first and seek to understand your organization and unique situation before offering solutions. We draw on decades of experience which position us to derive insights and craft right-sized, cost-effective solutions to any fraud  concern.

We bake deep and dark web threat intelligence into our solutions.

Data is being sold, traded, and weaponized on a massive scale to gain access to accounts, create fictitious identities, and commit large-scale fraud. We provide actionable, tailored deep and dark web threat intelligence in real time to identify fraud threats to your organization. We use this intelligence in our fraud risk assessments, antifraud strategies and fraud trainings.

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Audient Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive fraud risk management solutions.  Learn more about how we can work together to prevent financial losses and reputational damage.

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