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We offer a unique and unmatched combination of fraud experience that spans the risk management, technology, investigations, governance, and policy domains, positioning Audient Group to advise our clients in a way that no one else can.

Antifraud Strategy

We conduct a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of your organization’s fraud risks.


  • We benchmark your fraud program using the Committee on Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) Fraud Risk Management Guide 
  • We evaluate the entire fraud program structure including: culture, staffing, policies, oversight and technology
  • We create a roadmap with recommended enhancements to both improve effectiveness and efficiency and to address compliance weaknesses

Fraud Risk Assessment Starter Pack

We provide step-by-step process guides, templates, and one-on-one training to facilitate a fraud risk assessment that you can complete within your organization.


  • The methodology is aligned with COSO guidance to ensure compliance with oversight entities, including financial regulators
  • The approach helps build capacity within your team, allowing for the creation of a more persistent antifraud culture and enhanced internal expertise
  • The DIY solution is a cost-effective and comprehensive alternative to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars having a consultant conduct the full assessment

Antifraud Training

The fraud landscape is changing rapidly, with more sophisticated actors using more innovative tools and techniques. We offer highly engaging and comprehensive fraud training to help you keep up with the latest fraud trends.


  • We draw on our deep experience conducting training for a wide variety of audiences
  • We tailor the training to different levels of an organization and for different fraud threats
  • Topics include understanding the fraud threat environment, building an antifraud culture, conducting rigorous fraud risk assessments, and using data analytics to uncover fraud

Deep and Dark Web Intelligence, Ransomware Readiness, Negotiation and Response Services

Today’s threat actors operate in deep and dark web forums, buying and selling information and tools to commit fraud on a large and sophisticated scale. We partner with an industry-leading deep and dark web threat reconnaissance firm to provide:


  • Actionable, tailored, deep and dark web threat intelligence in real time to identify fraud threats to your organization
  • Expert ransomware readiness services
  • 24/7 ransomware negotiation capabilities
  • Ransomware incident response services

Fraud Technology Vendor Assessment

The world of antifraud technology is growing at a dizzying pace. Understanding the value of a new antifraud tool and how it can be incorporated into your environment can be a significant challenge and can consume a lot of your team’s bandwidth. We offer vendor assessment services to help cut through the noise.


  • We evaluate your current fraud technology vendor ecosystem, identify where gaps and redundancies exist, and make recommendations to streamline

  • We provide a third-party, non-biased perspective so you can consider alternatives without the sales pressure that often accompanies technology vendor pitches

Why team with us

We wrote the book on fraud risk management, literally.

Audient Group’s founder served on the task force that developed the COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide, has testified before Congress on fraud and improper payments, and has helped draft antifraud legislation.  You won’t find a more authoritative source for antifraud solutions.

We listen first.

Audient is the Latin word  for “they will listen.” We listen first and seek to understand your organization and unique situation before offering solutions. We draw on decades of experience which position us to derive insights and craft right-sized, cost-effective solutions to any fraud concern.

We bake deep and dark web threat intelligence into our solutions.

Data is being sold, traded, and weaponized on a massive scale to gain access to accounts, create fictitious identities, and commit large-scale fraud. We provide actionable, tailored deep and dark web threat intelligence in real time to identify fraud threats to your organization. We use this intelligence in our fraud risk assessments, antifraud strategies and fraud trainings.

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